Manu Invisible embarked on his artistic journey at the beginning of XXI century in Sardinia, emerging later on the European scene. Coming from the world of graffiti, he keeps its urban approach, showing a “propagandistic” tendency in his style and message. There are many facets to his art, including street art, muralism and artwork on small scale.

Manu Invisible wears black clothes spotted with paint of different colours. Moreover, he is a masked artist and he is distinguished by a shiny black mask with sharp lines, inspired by geometry and night.

He graduated from the “Foiso Fois” Arts lyceum in Cagliari, following which he held several personal and collective exhibitions at the Palazzo Regio in Cagliari and in Berlin, at the Neurotitan Gallery.

On 4th April 2016, he was definitively acquitted, after already being absolved in first and second-instance by the Milan Court, where the artistic value of his work was recognized.

Manu Invisible has taken part on several projects, always completed with passion, as has invariably been the case from the outset of his career.

Here is a list of his most significant work:

2006/2009 Article Street at the Juvenile Prison - Quartucciu [CA] Client: Domus de Luna Onlus Foundation

2010 Live Performance / Guerrilla Marketing for the "Mondo Ichnusa" - Cagliari [CA]

Client: Heineken s.p.a.

2012 "Lightness Collective" group exhibition at Gallery Mya Lurgo - Lugano [CH]

Client: Mya Lurgo Gallery

2012 spaces decoration by Piazza city of Lombardy City Marathon 2012 - Milan [MI]

Client: RCS Mediagroup - Association Arya

2012 "From the street to the media" group exhibition at Piazza Unione Sarda and new Union headquarters Sarda - Cagliari [CA]

Client: Unione Sarda

2012 Painting and live press conference at Costa Smeralda Airport - Olbia [OT]

Client: Geasar s.p.a.

2014 "Ora pro nobis" Murals formed on the outer wall of the Redemptorist Church - San Sperate [CA]

Client: Father Vito, Father Gianni, Redemptorist Church

2015 "Ugo Foscolo" Murals formed on the outer wall of the Middle School State Ugo Foscolo - Cagliari

Client: State School Foscolo Cagliari

2015 "Walls of Milan" Group exhibition at Gallery Neurotitan - Berlin

Client: Giovanni Gianfranco Candida - Walls of Milan

2015 "Upfest" Artwork titled: "Warld" at Han & Chicken - Bristol

Client: Upfest Festival

2016 Manu Invisible Testimonial day of the Open IED 2016

Customer: IED s.p.a.

2016 Art on concrete blocks new jersey in Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Fontana and Vertical Forest Boeri - Milan

Client: City of Milan

2017 Art work in the incubator business of UniCA Cagliari - Manu Invisible Testimonial Contamination of lab of the University of Cagliari.

Client: University of Cagliari

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