London, Camden Twon, Manu Invisible paint "Influence".

29 March 2017

From 27 to March 29, 2017 Manu Invisible leads to the term "Influence" a work that covers nearly 90 meters of extension panels, made of a brick wall.

The "Influence" work, a brightly colored lettering, which is intended to represent a British political landscape hit by the drastic change of Brexit.
The project was an initiative of the agency Article Street English: Global Street Art that has Manu Invisible selected as the sole representative of the intervention.
The work was deliberately carried out the March 29, iter official date for the release of England by the European Union.
Manu Invisible, explains: "My work symbolizes the political condition of Europe during this important period of change. I think Europe is a continent that day and ceaselessly is "influenced." "
From now on the word "Influence" symbolize this deep and emblematic change and will color, through watercolors and sharp grounds, the brick wall represented by the artist's creative point of view.


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