Manu Invisible began his artistic career at the beginning of the 21st century in Sardinia. Later he moved to Milan where he lived for several years and created various international works.

Although he comes from a graffiti background, his art also stands apart from Street Art, due to his incorporation of significant symbolic words, that he often paints in crumbling urban contexts, along turnpikes and on overpasses.

Manu Invisible dresses in paint-spattered black from head to toe. His face and head are covered by a shiny black mask, sharp and angular, inspired by geometric forms and the night.

After graduating from an artistic high school he took various courses in fresco painting, both in Florence, one at the Academy of Giglio and the other at the Bottega del Bon Fresco with the Master Massimo Callossi

Manu has had several exhibitions at the Spazio Galileo in Milan and created a large mural at Lycée Carnot Jean Bertin in France.

On April 4, 2016, before the Supreme Court, he was finally acquitted, after already having been acquitted in other appellate courts in Milan. At that point, the artistic value of his works was ultimately recognized by the tribunal.

 In 2018 he completed a 360° traditional fresco along the walls of the Aula Magna Capitini of the University of Cagliari.

Manu Invisible has worked collaboratively and individually over the years on numerous projects. He does so with a deep passion that has marked his career since the outset. 

The following is a list of his most significant work:


2022 “Genera Energia” for E-Distribuzione CAO Quartucciu [Cagliari] 2021 “Con$um€” Calvi [Corsica]

2021 “Cambiamento” for Oasi del cervo e della luna + WWF [Uta]

2020 “Sequenza”, “Potenziale” and “Disciplina” for Adidas, Wiko and Key Gallery [Milan]

2020 “Spirit” mural at Roma Tre University [Roma]

2019 “Futuro” artwork and testimonial for IED Cagliari [Cagliari]

2018 "Appartenenza" and "Sguardi" murals for the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari [Cagliari]

2018 The documentary "Scripta Manent" by Giorgia Ripa (protagonist Manu Invisible) wins the contest: "Visioni dal Mondo" at the Triennale di Milano [Milan]

2018 "Le Jour & la Nuit" mural for the Regional project "Les jeunes s’exposent" Lycée Sadi-Carnot Saumur [France]

2017 "Portatori di colore" Project in collaboration with Alessio Cabras and City of Hope. Two murals in Srebrenica [Bosnia]

2017 Mural "Influence" in collaboration with Global Street art agency Camden Town [London]
 2016 Manu Invisible Testimonial Open day IED 2016 [Cagliari]

2015 "Upfest" mural "WARld" at Han & Chicken [Bristol]

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