"Breath" Manu Invisible paints an abandoned Police van

25 July 2022

 There is also a video that can be found on the artist's youtube channel, where you can appreciate the work in progress, or as they say in the field of street art: the work in progress, of this work of art created in 2021. by street artist Manu Invisible, who once identified an Italian state police van, decided to exploit it for an unauthorized and illegally completed work of street art.

There are few, but also the street artist Banksy in the past, at the beginning of his career, during a jam session and during one of his first exhibitions, he painted with spray cans, first a large-displacement truck and in the second case, that of the London Police, in an unknown location, exactly as in the case of Manu Invisible, but, unlike him, with a tacit agreement to then inaugurate an art exhibition.
The work entitled "Breath" is inspired by the concept of racism, with a very careful focus on the unpleasant vicissitude that happened years ago to "George Floyd" in America, with an allusion and juxtaposition of a scene of similar violence suffered by the artist, which makes his personal experience public, sealing the story within the poetics of the work "Breath".
Violence, fear and terror, these are the keys to interpreting the work, as well as a marked sensitivity in terms of closeness to others.
The "Breath" work created by Manu Invisible on a disused State Police van, measures 4 meters by 2 meters and was created on the abandoned body of a 1998 Fiat Ducato 4x4, with the interior of the passenger compartment completely burned to due to a previous and dated fire.


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