"Desire week" Jam session, street art at Milan

28 April 2018

Monday, April 16th at the self-managed space: Macao Milano in Viale Molise 68 in Milan, a Jam Session of Graffiti and Street art was held, organized by the Italian street artist Manu Invisible.

Paintings of more than 200 square meters of street art have been painted, in which street artists from all over Italy and beyond have made various works on a metallic surface painted in black.

As a common reason for the choice of the green color scale, the spray was offered by the company Loop Colors Italia which supported the initiative.

The more than 200 square meters of surface were the street artists in alphabetical order: Art of Sool (Brescia), Berto 191 (Milan), Dzia (Belgium), Je73 (Milan), Nazzilla (Milan), Manu Invisible ( Milan), Mosa (Paris), The Answer (Cagliari), Vitali (Milan), Zenonero (Milan).

The sheet metal wall with the works of Street art more than 70 meters long was completed during the design week in Milan and still visible in the inner courtyard of Macao Milan, so the remaining part of the works of Street art.



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