"La Stanza dei Tesori" the affresco by Manu Invisible for the University of Cagliari

10 March 2018

 Sunday, March 4, 2018, deadline for the pictorial intervention with fresco by Manu Invisible in the Aula Magna Capitini of the University of Cagliari.

The site-specific work of the street artist, is titled: "The Room of the Treasures", precisely in reference to the diamond and the ruby as metaphors of the values that are kept inside the classroom of the university.
In Sa Duchessa there are two important words: "Knowledge" and "Learning", the first with chromatic motives related to ruby red, the second to the neutral and gaudy colors of the diamond, around instead refractions of light, chromatic motifs and chromatic beams, the soft colors of the Fresco technique.
Friday, March 9, 2018 the official inauguration, in the presence of the Rector of the University of Cagliari Anna Maria Del Zompo, Professor Pamela Ladogana, President Rossana Martorelli and contemporary art critic Raffaella Venturi.
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