"Manu Invisible street art in Saumur in France"

27 March 2018

 On Friday 23 March 2018 the regional project "Les jeunes s'exposent" was launched, which saw the interest of various institutions in the entire area of ​​the regional district of the Loire countries.

The project at Saumur, at the Liceo Carnot Bertin has chosen to call from Italy the artist Manu Invisible, who has made a mural work along the façade at the entrance of the institute.
The street artist has also chosen this time strictly anonymity and always wearing his mask has made the whole work of art in two days of work.
Blue is the predominant color that has chosen Manu Invisible for his work, dedicated to his artistic process, inspired by the night and the sunrise and then the next day.
Manu Invisible has collected another important stage in Europe, he is going to France, where he was welcomed in the best way, both by the students of the institute (more than 1300 and constantly growing) and by teachers and authorities, present at the inauguration also the Mayor of Saumur and the Councilor for Cultural Policies of the Region of the Pays de la Loire.
The project that saw the participation of Manu Invisible, also saw a workshop / workshop in which explained the operation of a spray can and its fields of use, also and above all in the artistic field, also conducting tests by the students of the Lyceum of Saumur.
Close to the work of Manu Invisible is also the large Okuda mural in Angers, a town in constant artistic ferment, a few kilometers from Saumur.
Below are some links to learn more about the news of Manu Invisible, which has made its great wall in the countries of the Loire, between Angers, Saumur and the rest of France.


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