"Movimento": Manu Invisible for "Nino dove sei?" and "Leggendo Metropolitano"

14 June 2017

 "Movimento" Spray and quartz paint on wood panel

2.5 x 12 m - Cagliari - 2017
"Movimento" is the work that officially opened the project "This is your land", curated by Raffaella and Bruno Venturi and chosen by the Culture and Civic Museum of Cagliari to celebrate the eighty years since the death of Antonio Gramsci (Ales 1891-Roma 1937). On a OSB paneling, installed out of the Cagliari City Art Gallery.
I wrote "Movimento" after a reflection on the opportunity to recall Gramsci not figuratively but with a word that would make the opposition between his political prisoner status and the movement of his ideas, which make him the most read Italian reader in the world.
"Movimento" is also evocative of his tension in wanting to return to Sardinia, to Santu Lussurgiu, where he never arrived, dying in Rome. I also wanted to postpone her physical condition, strongly felt by bone tuberculosis, which made him humpback, posture that her mother tried to correct by suspending her in the air with ropes and weights.
Works on the scenario: "I Dormienti" by Mimmo Paladino.


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