"Notte Fonda" Manu Invisible's solo show

27 March 2019

 It's Notte Fonda in Cagliari, the street artist Manu Invisible from his studio in Milan and from the streets of half of Europe, returns to Sardinia in the Gallery AB factory, for his great solo show.

When the adrenaline comes to the heartbeats they are at most, marked by the steps, by the car noises, when the artist finds himself alone in front of his wall, it is Notte Fonda.

Manu Invisible from the walls, with sprays and rollers, continues his artistic research rediscovering the ancient technique of the medieval and Renaissance masters: the Fresco.
The philosophy of a street artist applied to the render, protected by a curl and perfect with the very fine-grained tonachino, invisible Manu dove, in the still fresh surface, traces his work, even with the spray; an absolute novelty for the art world.
Notte Fonda is a sincere tribute to Cagliari; the city that welcomed him, as an artist, since his first graffiti.

The exhibition also features the SMOKE looking for the Night Fonda by Manu Invisible, the carbon black which is words that become "verb", the lampblack that leaves testimony and trace of nights spent a light of torches, while the cars whiz below the 'highway .

This time, Manu Invisible changes "scale", a unit of measurement, from the large surfaces of the facades and overpasses, to the "fragments" of fresco, like a new art, but always accessible, for everyone.

The AB factory - Via Alagon 29 - Cagliari
Inauguration: March 23, 2019 from 6.00 pm
Show Duration: 25 March 2019 - 1 June 2019 - free admission
Hours: Monday / Friday 10.00am-1.00pm | 16.30-19.30 - Saturday 16.30-20.00
Manu Invisible:
Andrea Concas:
Contacts: tel: +39.070.657665


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