Street art at San Paolo district in Bari

25 July 2022

 Puglia, after interventions that have gone down in history as the model of "Fame Fesival", which took place in Grottaglie, considered the first collective streetart intervention in Italy, conceived and directed by Angelo Milano, and which has become an appointment over five editions , after which we said stop.

In 2021, Puglia is confirmed as the first region in Italy to invest in urban redevelopment through street art, with widespread interventions in the area, with a specific focus on public housing in Bari.
Ten new murals appear in a few weeks of work, inside the San Paolo district of Bari, to re-contextualize the common space, the street, transforming the San Paolo district into a strong tourist attraction.
"Qm San Paolo", is the name of the urban art project, curated by the Mecenate90 association and Ecomuseo Casilino, through the artistic direction of Stefano Antonelli and Gianluca Marziani, who, with their "Metamorfosi" Association, give life to one of the initiatives of public art, the most successful in Italy.
The project also involved realities such as: Creative Cells, already present in the territory and the patronage of the Municipality, Region and Arca Puglia.
A supported group of both national and international artists, coming from various parts of the world, have been engaged for a few weeks in the creation of street art works on the façade, murals that give a new artistic soul that today pervades the streets of one of the most populated by the Apulian capital: Bari.
The artistic intervention was an important team work, urban redevelopment, a museum-training project, with the intention of transforming the San Paolo district, from a social housing district into a cultural and artistic center of international scope; all in the open air.
After the results of the study conducted by an interdisciplinary and inter-university research center, the "urban museoformation" project of the San Paolo district aims to start a path of regeneration of places through urban art, understood as beauty tool able to improve the physical and social context, stimulating a greater sense of belonging of the community, but above all with an intention to increase the quality of life of the users of the territory, who populate or cross the neighborhood.
With the largest condominium museum in Italy, a revolution in the relationship between the center and the periphery is launched, the reputation of an area that is too often stigmatized, marked by strong fragility, but pervaded by high human and social value, is increased.
In the new via Saverio Altamura the works of well-known Apulian artists (Skolp, Rizek, AweR, Chekos and Davide DPA stand out, as well as the creations of other national artists, such as James Reka, David Pompili, Manu Invisible and Hogre.
MANU INVISIBLE reproduced “Metamorphosis”, a word that sinks its truth into a changed reality. Color, cooperation and imagination offer a new perspective, alternative visions to hope for a better future. A promise that is community renewal, a new aggregation without dispersion, fixed under the sky as the daily beginning of a new journey, where the form of the text leads over time to the content of the context.


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