"Siguros pro natura" Manu Invisible at Gonnosnò e Villa Verde

15 May 2018

"Siguros pro natura" is a long-term project that is rooted in the identity of Sardinia, through various interventions and with the strong social impact of street art.

The project was made possible thanks to the participative funds of Mediafriends Onlus, and with the partnership between the University of Sassari, Osvic ong, Cesvi Onlus and the Department of Natural Sciences of the territory.

The goal of the project is to return to the wooded areas in the heart of Sardinia a balance with a sustainable system of management of hydrogeological disasters, which have hit and threaten this land again.

To do this we have intervened with planting strategies and various teams of experts, who still work incessantly, taking care of the most critical areas.

The project wanted to make Manu Invisible participate by exploiting street art as a social engine to propagate collective messages, which can reach anyone.

The artist has involved the population in the construction of two important works of street art, the first to be included in the constituency of Gonnosnò and Villa Verde.

The street art works were shared by the participants, for all stages of implementation, involving each age group and then be completed in two days of work.


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