The works of Manu Invisible at the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari

18 December 2018

Manu Invisible was tried and acquitted, several times in his career, but today is recognized as an artist by the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, which has commissioned him two murals.

On Friday 14 December 2018 the work "Sguardi" was completed in memory of the Sardinian identity, inside the conference hall of the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.
A second work was commissioned to Manu Invisible at the entrance of the Museum, in the inner courtyard, the work entitled "Membership" pays tribute to the goddess mothers of Sardinia, a symbol of abundance and fertility and which are invaluable, in economic terms but above all identities.
The interventions were carried out near the inauguration of the "Donna o Dea" exhibition (open until 12 May), which clarifies precisely the centrality of women in the Pre-Nuraghic era and beyond.
The writer is known above all for his "immediate words" that emerge in the fast roads in different parts of Italy (Milan, Modena, Lodi, Cologno Monzese, Assago, Cagliari), but also London, Bristol, Srebrenica and Saumur in rest of Europe.


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